Rule Tours is a private company, founded in 1991. We can freely say that we are one of the pioneers in private international passenger transport, and from then until today we have maintained continuous international bus services.

During the period of 1999 – 2000 with great success in performed supply, complete organization and carrying out transport, logistics and supply of the NATO forces in ROYAL MARINES CORPUS and the CANADIAN CORPUS stationed in the Republic of Macedonia in that period as well as later on in Kosovo. The Company and its sister companies besides transport and logistics, are also engaged I providing all kinds of services including trade of fuels.

Long tradition, quality and professional service guarantee a pleasant journey to all destinations Rule Tours.

Rule Tours as a passenger transport agency maintains lines within and outside the country. We offer passenger transportation daily to the cities of Tetovo, Kumanovo, Kratovo, Probistip, Zletovo, Veles, Negotino, Gevgelija, Bogdanci and Dojran.

As far as the travel services we offer overseas, we provide passenger transport by buses of higher category, which increase the comfort of the journey as it is a multi-hour journey. Rule Tours currently maintains lines to Ljubljana, Mestre, Nova Gorica , as well as the Skopje - Herceg Novi line, with stops in the towns of Podgorica, Suto Sea, Budva, Tivat and Kotor..

The experiences of the travelers indicate the great professional readiness of our staff, who greatly strive to provide conditions for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.