History of the bus station

The development of bus traffic on a city closely associated with the development of the city. Skopje has almost century-old tradition when it comes to the main bus station. Due to a number of reasons, its location was not constant over time, but as an object always exercised his duty.

Bus station in Skopje is the biggest bus station in the country. It is a bus station that implements most of timetables, both domestically abroad. There is no greater place in the country to which no timetable from Skopje to him and vice versa. It should also be noted that the bus stop riding and international timetables. Currently buses depart from Skopje to 20 European countries.

Every year the number of schedules that are realized from the bus station increases. It should also be noted that the number of passengers who use the bus services from year to year increase.

The next line of the time you can see the highlights of the development of international bus station in Skopje.

  • 1966

    After the earthquake in 1963, then known Japanese architect Kenzo Tange was hired to prepare a master plan of the City of Skopje.

    As part of that project was the construction of a modern railway station, the location of which is today's bus station.                             

  • 2003

    In 2003, begins with creating a project plan for the new bus station.

    It also provided 31 platform from which 7 are for arrival and 24 departure. The idea of the project is based on the high European standards to fully fit not only the residents of Skopje, but our entire country, the region and beyond.

  • 2004

    2004 is the year when the project plan is fully completed and approaches to its implementation.

    Access to the station is made with input - output solution that offers a fast flow of buses, and separation of passengers arriving and departing from it.

  • 2005

    Open the new bus station which covers a total area of 2670 square meters and is a 10-year concession to Rule Tours LLC. A typical modern stylish look, coupled with multifunkcionalnosta facility and quality service contributes to the fulfillment of standards in the modern world

  • 2007

    Because profesnionalniot terms of leadership, for a limited time open restaurants, travel agencies, insurance companies, tobacco, casino and several cafeterias. The possibilities offered by Intercity station contribute services to use more than 150 shipping companies

  • 2009

    For comfortable stay of passengers care 90 The highly professional staff. The satisfaction of passengers is our greatest success. Every day, 24 hours, 365 days a year bus station is open to passengers. Has three waiting rooms for passengers, parking for buses, garderoba- 24-hour, currency exchange, toilet                             

  • 2013

    The analysis and the actual situation by saying that they can meet the needs of avtotransportniot traffic by 2050